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Quintin Norris


One of the UK’s most experienced Teachers of the Alexander Technique, now offering lessons in Bath

The Alexander Technique teaches the skilful “use of the self”: how we move, how we breathe, how we learn, how we organise our awareness and focus of attention and, above all, how we choose our reactions in increasingly demanding situations.

It follows therefore that the Alexander Technique can have a positive effect on a wide range of stresses and ailments, including back, neck or shoulder pain and other muscular/skeletal problems, headaches, RSI, breathing difficulties, sports and performance strain, stress related conditions, anxiety and depression; as well as enhancing performance, improving vitality and general wellbeing.

“You can’t do something you don’t know if you keep doing what you do know”


A Technique for Living and a Technique for Life

The physical benefits of the Alexander Technique in terms relief from backache and other muscular/skeletal problems – and in improving performance generally – are widely recognised, but the Alexander Technique is a psycho-physical technique and does not distinguish between physical and mental health.  I also have an interest and much experience in teaching the Technqiue to support people with psychological strain and difficulties, including depression, anxiety, exhaustion, fatique, OCD, panic, phobia and so on. You can find more information about this at Alexander Technique and Mental Health.

On the following pages you will also be able to find out more about the Alexander Technique and how it might help you, as well as information about me and my approach to teaching, and some of my pupils’ experiences.

However, no amount of written commentary can really explain what the Alexander Technique is and how it works. It has to be experienced. That is why I encourage you to come along for an initial lesson to experience it for yourself. You can read information about lessons, appointments and fees and please contact me to book, or I would be very pleased to hear from you if you would like further information.

Alexander Technique in Reading, Berkshire

What is the Alexander Technique?

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How do you learn?

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